The US Finally Quits Pressuring Over Nord Stream 2

The US Finally Quits Pressuring Over Nord Stream 2

The U.S. confirmed on Wednesday that it wouldn't continue to pressure against the Russian-led pipeline infrastructure Nord Stream 2 as sanctions have been useless against the deal between Russia and Germany.


US Prepares New Sanctions Against Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

State Department spokesperson Ned Price said that the U.S. authorities "came to the conclusion, as any rational observer would, that sanctions are unlikely to stop the completion of the pipeline… that is why this administration determined that it was not in our interest to significantly undermine, weaken our bilateral relationship [with our ally Germany] for a pipeline, whose construction would continue nonetheless."

The pipeline, near to completion, sparked fears and outrage within U.S. Democrats and Republicans alike, who see it as a significant move to expand Russia's influence and power over Europe's gas supplies.

On the other hand, Germany and Russia consider it a great deal to get cheaper and cleaner energy. Biden had expressed concerns about Europe depending too much on Russian energy.